walking home

Last night’s bright lights and saturated colors of the city from my walk home last night.

Ah, Seattle.

Reflection on the terra cotta of the Nordstrom’s Flagship building. 5th and Pine.
5th Ave.


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  1. You love Seattle? I hope so. Do you love Seattle the best — not Chicago??? I hope Seattle wins out, in more ways than one. Thank you for the Nordstrom’s photo, are you making a subtle statement? I hope so. I plan to find some reason to buy something at Nordstrom’s as soon as I can. I like to support the local economy. I also like to buy things! chortle!

    • Indeed, I do love Seattle!

      I was thinking about the dust-up with Ivanka when I made the photo last night. As you’ve noted, though, apparently I have excellent timing especially given this morning’s tweet from POTUS.

      Supporting local economies and small businesses is incredibly important! Thank-you!

      Hope you are well!

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