4 santas

For the month of December, my dear, dear pal AmyMo has control of my camera. Every morning she sends a text with a subject to shoot that day. Like a kid on Christmas morning, I can’t wait to open the gift and play with the idea. A place in my home that I love? My bedside table. A dog’s nose? Fire?

This morning’s text: Santa. Feverish (I have a cold) and filled with dread, I girded and gathered myself to find suitable snapshot of Santa. While I didn’t make the image I had in my head, a disappointed drinking and smoking Santa, below three photos of Santas.

The fourth Santa is my pal AmyMo. Thank-you for the daily gifts, I hope you’re enjoying this project as much as I.


Nordstrom’s Santa.
Busking Santa. Singing Christmas Carols at the corner of Pine Street and Pike Place.
Macy’s Santa. Courtesy of guest photographer Amanda. 

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