rare artifacts

Francis Wahlgren, International Department Head/Books and Manuscripts at Christie’s, brought a couple of rare literary artifacts to Amazon and gave a talk on the history of the pieces and the auction process.

The talk primarily focused on the 1865 first edition of Alice in Wonderland. Cassady’s letter to Kerouac, a “founding document of the Beat movement”, was incredible to see up close and in person, too. 18 (?) or so pages of single space typing isn’t something I’ve seen in decades.

Wahlgren’s passion for his work and the artifacts he acquires and attends to was inspiring.

Both pieces will be auctioned on 16 June and I can’t wait to find out where they’ll settle next.

“I am fettered by cobwebs, countless fine creases indelibly etched on the brain.”
23 copies of the 1865 edition survive. Comparatively, 48 Gutenberg bibles are still in existence.

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