6 thoughts on “driftwood and the sneedle

    1. Ah, yes. “The Sneedle”. When I moved to Seattle in 1997 I wasn’t, yet, a fan of the Space Needle (architecturally). I jokingly called it “The Sneedle” thinking it belonged in the background of a Theodor Geisel illustration.

      That same summer, I visited the Space Needle for the first time. Much to my surprise and amusement the gift shop sold a somewhat creepy Space Needle mascot plush toy: The Sneedle.

      I’m certain the mascot didn’t last very long.

      1. I thought you had mistaken the Sneedle for the equally somewhat-creepy Space Needle mascot, author Stephen Cosgrove’s Wheedle on the Needle but some quick research indeed revealed the Sneedle’s short-lived (how right you were, haha!) campaign as touristy bauble. Lest I be mistaken for some sort of civic-minded Space Needle apologist, I assure you my curiosity was piqued only because I happen to possess a mint condition 1974 Wheedle on the Needle little paperback I found at the Dearborn Goodwill five or six years ago, it’s a skinny little thing that was tucked forgotten into a larger atlas I brought home the same day. I read that Wheedle on the Needle just-and-only once with my oldest son, even he found it eye-rollingly precious. Nonetheless, it seems fitting to have some local kitsch in the library…….

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