uw + capitol hill

Finally! The Light Link rail stations on Capitol Hill and The University District opened today. Well done, Sound Transit!

A couple of snapshots until I can spend some time in the stations and see more than crowds of people.

2 thoughts on “uw + capitol hill

  1. I’m really enthused about walkabouts with my camera using the expanded line! For where I live (Madison Valley/Capitol Hill) it’s going to make for some distinctly enjoyable excursions in the areas south of the International District station. I’ve never cared for parking around there over the years when I ranged about.

    Did you seen any busking in the Broadway station? I was a little disappointed when I heard they won’t let people busk on the platform itself.

    1. Busking: not on the platform. And I, too, wish they would permit the platforms for busking. The CTA does a pretty good job of permitting and I always enjoy the buskers and the reverberation of the music in the tunnels (especially the Red Line in the Loop)!

      I’ve enjoyed expanding my urban hikes especially to the south. I’m not as familiar with the bus routes south of SoDo and don’t tend to drive to shoot around the city.

      These are good times, eh? Take care and keep posting!

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