The December Project

beginnings - December 31: beginnings Last day of the year and the December Project. From our perch above State Street we see some amazing sights. Yesterday afternoon, I spied not one but two (!) wedding parties posing in the middle of State Street with the Chicago Theater sign. Best wishes to these couples, and their families, as […]
endings - December 30: endings “Get home before the street lights come on.”
pastoral - December 29: pastoral For many reasons, the ecclesiastical definition of pastoral resonates with me today. The First United Methodist Church at the Chicago Temple. Update: Adding a couple of snapshots from an architectural tour earlier in the day.
urban - December 28: urban Two images from the Chicago Riverwalk near the Bataan-Corregidor Memorial Bridge. A 25 second exposure of the river, Dearborn and Clark Street bridges, the buildings on the North side of the river (the Merchandise Mart, the Reid Murdoch building) and the shapes of the lights and shadows. In the upper right corner, […]
low tech - December 27: low tech Easy to assemble, no instructions needed: this mortar and pestle is the least sophisticated and most reliable appliance I own.
catch a train - December 26: catch a train The Purple Line approaching the Randolph / Wabash stop.
tie it up with a bow - December 25: Tie it up with a bow. By 11 a.m. the unusual sights, sounds and smells of Christmas had both of our middle aged cats ready to “tie it up with a bow” and be done, done, done. A snapshot of Face Plant Flopsie well before noon. I am happy to have resisted a […]
merry christmas! - Merry Christmas! Chicago’s Christmas Tree at Millennium Park: A 69 Foot Norway Spruce from Wauconda, Illinois.
all of the ways I might… - December 23: All of the ways I might kill you for this Christmas gift. Holiday season gift giving can be stressful. There is, of course, a story behind AmyMo’s assignment for Friday. I’ll spare you the details except to say the day was hilarious, full of shenanigans and the gift was opened early and well […]
earth - December 22: earth. With a specific image set in my head, I made an early trek to the lakefront. Alas, the scene was unreachable, the piers very slippy; I didn’t want to end up in the lake. Below, a view of the Bean looking a bit like the Earth from low orbit. Similar to another image […]
dig my hat - December 21: dig my hat Dig my trusty, wool Chicago Whales (née ChiFeds) ball cap, a reproduction of the 1915 original. Two summers ago I stopped in the Ebbets Field Flannels store in Seattle and found this gem in a sale bin. It lives in Chicago full time now and I typically wear it in […]
objects in the mirror - December 20: objects in the mirror (are closer than they appear) A reflection of a Pub in the driver’s side mirror of a Porsche near the corner of Lake and Wabash. The light and shapes caught my eye; the focus is intentional.
up on top - December 19: up on top Mt. Rainier shortly after take off and about a half hour after sunrise on Saturday morning. A lenticular cloud “up on top” of our mountain.
animal, vegetable, mineral - December 18: animal, vegetable, mineral. A middle aged, slightly over-weight, lap and heart stealing feline. An onion. Salt.    
wine - December 17: wine. A beautiful lady holding a generous pour of a nice Cabernet Sauvignon. A warm and happy welcome home on a very cold evening.  
lunch - December 16: lunch. Starve a cold, feed a fever? The Nun says, “Eat!” An almond croissant.
water - December 15: water Water reflecting the light in the shower.
sick - December 14: sick. My view from the sofa after waking from a nap. Keep the necessities close: licorice tea in my favorite mug and a kleenex. Not pictured: my camera. Get back at ’em tomorrow! Bring it Thursday!
from below - December 13: from below. The Monorail tracks as seen from below on my walk home from the office. The innermost rails are the live rails. The grounds are directly above and are not visible from this angle.
my hand - December 12: my hand A ~1 second exposure of my right hand while practicing minor scales on my bass.
joy - December 11: joy. Sunday’s assignment was joy. Difficult, for me, to illustrate with a photograph. While I was looking for the image(s), I had a joyous afternoon: live music, kids dancing, the model train at Seattle Center, a ride on the Monorail… joy! If you can catch one of the Jose Gonzalez Trio’s performances of […]
comfort - December 10: comfort. Comfort in the form of mise en place, a meal and a movie. No pictured or comforting: the scene when the smoke alarms activated while I was browning the meat.  
green - December 9: green. An abstract image of a literal interpretation of today’s subject.
6 - December 8: 6. 6 eggs, 6 possibilites: fried, dippy*, baked, boiled, poached and pickled. *Yes, I was born and raised in Pittsburgh.
assemble - December 7: Starts with A. Assemble! Also considered and considered unworthy:
glass - December 6: glass. An old glass bottle. Monsters!
a serif font - A serif font. A motto from 1897 (?). “All the News That’s Fit to Print”
4 santas - For the month of December, my dear, dear pal AmyMo has control of my camera. Every morning she sends a text with a subject to shoot that day. Like a kid on Christmas morning, I can’t wait to open the gift and play with the idea. A place in my home that I love? My […]
fire - Fire. #day3
a dog’s nose - A dog’s nose. #day2
bedside table - A space in my home that I love: my bedside table. #day1