mahjong 麻將

Cutthroat Dowagers

Sometimes you get more than you bargain for.

I intended to spend lunch at the Chicago Cultural Center, taking in the African American Designers in Chicago: Art, Commerce and the Politics of Race exhibit. Two high school classes had the same idea so I backed away from the crowd, happy the kids were able to consider the art and history of the exhibit.

Near the exit, I spied and heard intriguing shenanigans: a couple of rather spirited and competitive games of Mahjong. The ladies invited me to pull up a chair to re-familiarize myself with a game I probably haven’t played in more than 10 years. Super fun to watch the “cutthroat dowagers” strategy, gameswomanship and smack-talk! And, I scored a standing invite to the weekly meet-up! I’ll need to spend a fair amount of time studying the rules, hands, and scoring; these ladies take no prisoners!


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